The farm covers 10 hectares, nestling between tree-covered hills. Mixed cultivation of organic coffee (Arabica and Robusta), green and black tea, ancient local types of rice, as well as pepper, vanilla and fruit thrive on the organically farmed terrain.

Everything which is grown here is prepared and packaged directly on the farm.

Presently the farm employes 5 people in the field, 2 in the kitchen/guesthouses and the manager and his wife..

Only biological fertiliser produced on the farm are used here. Modern, organic methods have been introduced instead of chemicals to combat pests. These include beneficial insects, natural organic pesticides and pheromone traps In developing and maintaining the soil, the health and resilience of the plants, as well as the welfare of the farm animals, effective microorganisms (as defined by Dr. Higa) play an important role in all processes. Up until now, marketing has been primarily local.

All plants cultivated here are longstanding, hardy varieties. Hybrids and genetically modified species, are not grown here under any circumstances.The Golden Mist Plantation’s way of working is to respect local small farm subsistence structures, which are also promoted and supported by our marketing strategy.

We presently distribute our products in south India mainly through organic shops. As we are processing more than we produce by now, we have formed a group of now 4 farms which supply us with necessary organic produce.

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