Golden Mist Plantation

The Golden Mist Plantation, a former cardamom plantation, was completely replanted since1993 with coffee, tea, pepper, rice and cardamom. It was farmed organically from this moment on. Since the year 2000, the plantation has been certified as an organic project by IMO, the Institute for Marketecology, which is based in Zurich, Switzerland and Bangalore, India.

Project leaders and their team believe firmly in the principles of nature conservation and socio-cultural coexistence with the traditional culture and population and are pioneers in the field of ecotourism in Kodagu.

Both the farm and the resort are advised by Ludwig Cremer, a German national. Having trained as a horticulturalist, he has been in India since 1991. Following three years as a member of an afforestation project in Auroville, Tamil Nadu,India, he has been responsible as the technical director for the ecological development of the farm.

Geographical location:

The Golden Mist Plantation lies in the Western Ghats (1,200m above sea level), in the Coorg or Kodagu district in the south of Karnataka state. The region is marked by tropical rainforest and is known for intensive coffee production in the shade of the original vegetation. Extremely heavy rainfall on the ridges of the Western Ghats during monsoon is one factor for the great biodiversity of this mountainous terrain. Due to its height, the area enjoys a moderate, pleasant climate.

Transport connections (how to get there):

The Golden Mist Plantation lies between the coastal town and harbour of Mangalore and Mysore inland, famous for its Maharaja palaces.

International airport:

Taking the National Highway, Madikeri is within easy reach of Bangalore, India’s own „Silicon Valley“, 300 km to the northeast.

Local airport:

The regional airport at Mangalore, 140 km away, can be reached via Bombay/ Mumbai.

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