We provide for the local market different coffees, two teas, red rice and black pepper.



100% arabica Coffee, filter, powder - 250 grammes

Coffee blend, (30:70 arabica:robusta), filter, powder - 250 grammes

both coffees can be obtained in rosted beans for different applications (espresso, french press)

Tea, green, broken leaf - 250 grammes

Tea, black, broken leaf - 250 grammes

Pepper, black, bulk, ungraded

Rice, red, wholegrain, parboiled




Since 10 years Golden Mist has been handling all export related works for various german clients.

Since 2016 Golden Mist also exports on its own behalf, hence we are in full controll from production to export and the import and distribution in germany. This is possible as we founded our own import company (Karnataka Landhandel) in germany at the same time.

golden mist